Mission statement

Welcome to the MADZAGpack!

We believe that conscious and responsible urban dogkeeping is the future.


We use premium italian leather and high quatity hardware to give our products a long lifetime.
Our products are all handmade in Hungary, in the EU, and fair wages were guaranteed during production.


We support that urban dogkeepers be responsible and respectful, not only with fellow citizens, but with the environment, too. 
You can make a statement by keeping your dog on leash, using muzzles and handling your dog according to regulations– and its needs– always picking up after them. Training is great for you both! Keep them safe by microchipping and keep a tag of your contact information on their collar at all times.

We also support neutering of dogs that are not meant for breeding.
We strongly stand by adoption, read more on this on our blog!

If you share our values, join the pack!
#madzagpack and #urbandogkeeping